Posted on: Mon, 11/30/2020

The REAL Role of Counsel in Mediation
By: Harold Coleman, Jr., Esq., CCA, Senior Vice President, AAA-ICDR®; Executive Director/Mediator,

Posted on: Tue, 09/08/2020

By: Andrew Barton, Vice President, AAA-ICDR® and Lance K. Tanaka, Vice President, AAA-ICDR

Though most traditional sporting events have been decimated by an operational shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many might think that eSports are immune given the nature of online, or virtual, competition. However, businesses involved in the eSports industry feel the impact of the loss of revenue

Posted on: Thu, 07/02/2020

A well-constructed dispute resolution clause is the foundation of a cost-effective and efficient dispute resolution process. Yet courts regularly are faced with arbitration clauses that are problematic in some respect. 

Common Flaw #4: Unrealistic Deadlines and Customized Procedures

Posted on: Mon, 06/08/2020

By: Michael R. Powell, Vice President, AAA Construction Division

Parties select construction arbitrators based on their subject-matter expertise, qualifications, familiarity with the applicable law(s), and reputation. It wasn’t that long ago when industry professional arbitrators (IPAs) served with more frequency in construction claims. In