In 1975, the AAA and the Minnesota Supreme Court collaborated to introduce a rules-based approach to the administration of Minnesota Personal Injury Protection (PIP or No-Fault) disputes. Since then, the AAA has administered many thousands of cases in accordance with the Minnesota Rules of No-Fault Insurance Arbitration Procedures.

Every four years, the AAA participates in a competitive bid process to serve as administrator for the Minnesota No-Fault Arbitration Caseload and has been reappointed each year. The Policy Statement of the Minnesota No-Fault Standing Committee details policies and procedures that the AAA will use to administer cases.

Minnesota No-Fault Standing Committee Members

Our office is located at:
2355 Highway 36 West 
Suite 400
Roseville, MN 55113
Phone: 612.332.6545
Fax: 612.342.2334

To receive No-Fault Standing Committee quarterly agendas and minutes, please send a request to Krista Peach at

News & Announcements

The American Arbitration Association’s (AAA) office will be moving to a new location on August 27, 2021. 

The address for the new location is as follows: 

American Arbitration Association
2355 Highway 36, Suite 400
Roseville, MN 55113

We ask that all U.S. Mail be directed to the new address beginning on August 27, 2021.

Rule Amendments – Effective January 1, 2022

On October 21, 2021, the Minnesota Supreme Court issued an order amending the Minnesota Rules of No-Fault Arbitration Procedure effective January 1, 2022. The order includes amendments to Rule 39 and Rule 40. 

To view the Court’s order, please use the following link: Minnesota Supreme Court Order – October 21, 2021.

File a Case

The initiation of a case is governed under Rule 5 of the Minnesota Rules of No-Fault Arbitration. To file a case, please review the 
Minnesota No-Fault Arbitration Filing Instructions. A petition form must be included with your filing.

Representing Yourself

If you intend to represent yourself, please review the 
Representing Yourself in MN No-Fault Arbitration packet. You should also be familiar with the Minnesota Rules of No-Fault Arbitration Procedures.

Methods of Submission

You may file a case by the following methods:

Copy to the Insurance Company

Pursuant to Rule 5 of the Minnesota Rules of No-Fault Arbitration, you must send a copy of your filing to the insurance company you are filing against, in addition to the AAA. For your convenience, the AAA has compiled a list of insurance company addresses for Minnesota No-Fault filings. If you do not see the insurance company you wish to file against on this list, you should use the address on the last correspondence received or as directed by the insurance company. 

Minnesota No-Fault Customer Information

The AAA serves as a neutral administrator within the No-Fault Arbitration process. Our goal is to provide parties with an orderly, efficient, and fair administrative experience. Parties and representatives participating in no-fault proceedings shall adhere to the
AAA MN No-Fault Insurance Standards of Conduct

Administrative and Arbitrator Fees

In addition to the filing fee, there may be additional administrative and arbitrator fees throughout the duration of your case. To review these fees, please see Rules 13, 15, 39, and 40 of the Minnesota Rules of No-Fault Arbitration Procedures.   

Motion Practice Protocols for Parties & Representatives

Arbitrator Conduct Complaints

The Supreme Court’s No-Fault Standing Committee and the AAA understand the importance that the Minnesota No-Fault user community has the utmost confidence in the arbitration process and the arbitrators who serve on the No-Fault Panel. Arbitrators who serve on the No-Fault Panel are to adhere to the 
Standards of Conduct for No-Fault Arbitrators. If you believe an arbitrator has violated these Standards, you may file a conduct complaint against the arbitrator.  All complaints are investigated by the No-Fault Standing Committee. 

Complaints should be sent to the American Arbitration Association with attention to the Assistant Vice President, Krista Peach. These forms may be emailed to, by fax to 612-342-2334, or by mail to the address listed above. 

Minnesota No-Fault Arbitrators Publicly Reprimanded by the Minnesota Supreme Court’s No-Fault Standing Committee 

The following arbitrators were publicly reprimanded by order of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s No-Fault Standing Committee and are listed on the American Arbitration Association’s Minnesota No-Fault Arbitration webpage by order of the Committee. To view the Standing Committee’s order, click on the name of the arbitrator. 

Patrick R. Gillespie
Brian E. Stevens

Minnesota No-Fault Arbitrator Information

As administrator, the AAA assists the No-Fault Standing Committee in the management of the Minnesota No-Fault Panel. Arbitrators are approved by the No-Fault Standing Committee and are permitted to serve on the panel on a conditional basis, pending final approval by the Minnesota Supreme Court.  

Annual Recertification

Pursuant to Rule 10, arbitrators are required to recertify on an annual basis. The annual recertification process typically takes place between November and December. Failure to recertify or recertify in a timely manner may result in removal from the panel.  

Arbitrator Education Courses

Minnesota Rules of No-Fault Arbitration Procedures

A Hodgepodge of Factors Influencing No-Fault Benefits Payments

Arbitration of Comprehensive and Collision Claims and Motion Practice

Minnesota No-Fault Best Practices

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