Diversity and Inclusion

The AAA-ICDR® is the global leader in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and as such has the responsibility and the dedication to a mission of growing diversity and inclusion within the field. 

Mission Statement: Our Shared Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The American Arbitration Association is the global leader in conflict management with core values of integrity and service. Our integrity demands impartial and fair treatment of all people with whom we come in contact, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, or other characterization. Our conflict management services put into practice our goal for the resolution of disputes between parties with different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. 

Because of the breadth of the AAA's work and the global reach of its services, we recognize the importance and contribution of a diverse work force, a diverse Roster of Neutrals, a diverse Board, and commit to respect and increase diversity and inclusion in all our endeavors.

The effort to “equalize the playing field” is not new for the AAA. In 1968, the AAA established the National Center for Dispute Settlement to help ease urban crises through arbitration and mediation and in 1979 co-sponsored the first National Women’s Arbitrator Development Program to establish a method for recruiting and training qualified women arbitrators. 

For its work, the AAA was selected as a Honoree of the New York Law Journal’s Diversity Initiative Project.

Workplace Diversity

The AAA-ICDR’s work has such a global reach that a diverse workplace is valued intrinsically. 

  • The workforce is multi-generational. 
  • More than 45% of all AAA-ICDR staff executives are women. 
  • More than 50% of AAA-ICDR staff self-identify as minorities.
  • A required 12-hour company-wide training curriculum provides staff an opportunity to examine implicit bias, learn how to resolve diversity-related conflicts, and understand the benefits of promoting a diverse, inclusive workplace that fosters collaboration and innovation

The following groups demonstrate the AAA’s ongoing commitment to promoting diversity.

AAA Diversity Committee
The AAA Diversity Committee is a long-standing committee that coordinates initiatives, promotes events, and collaborates with firms and organizations to increase awareness on the benefits of diversity and inclusion in ADR. 

AAA Diversity & Inclusion Council
The Diversity & Inclusion Council Committee (DI Committee) is responsible for providing advice and recommendations to the AAA to increase diversity and inclusion of women, minorities, and other individuals and groups that historically have not been included in meaningful participation in the ADR field.