AAA WebFile® now includes Hearing Exhibits, an easy-to-use, accessible, and secure space for parties to upload their hearing exhibits for the arbitrator.

This feature reduces or even eliminates the expensive and time-consuming preparation of hard copy exhibits and the risk associated with mailing flash drives or hard copies.

With AAA WebFile, parties to AAA® or ICDR® cases can manage all aspects of their cases securely, including the initial filing of a case; additional claims or counterclaims on existing cases; case-related financial functions; and uploading, downloading, and viewing case documents and creating case-specific tasks.

Advanced next-generation firewall and 256-bit encryption protects AAA WebFile.

Hearing Exhibits accommodates PDF files up to 75 MB and other file types up to 16 MB.

How It Works

  • All parties and arbitrators are able to view all hearing exhibits.
  • Multiple files may be uploaded at a time.
  • Uploaded documents are viewable immediately.
  • An email notifies case participants when documents are uploaded.

Parties May:

  • Designate documents as joint exhibits.
  • Filter exhibits’ view by party, joint, or view all.
  • Privately flag exhibits.
  • Delete only the exhibits that the individual party has uploaded.
  • Download and print an exhibits list.